These are some illustrations that didn’t make it into the Art Young gallery that ran in TCJ a while back.

I found the ones below in a best of collection of Young’s work published in 1936. I’m not sure exactly when they were originally created, except that it was before 1936 (obviously), and given the content and style probably after 1905 or so.

Eleven Hours A Day

It’s Hell

Bore to be a virgin.

The ones below are all spot illustrations from Hell Up To Date published in 1892.

And the first of those below is from Through Hell With Hiprah Hunt, published 1901. The other two are from Art Young’s Inferno, published 1934.

Reckless Talkers

Satan’s Palace

Various Devils

I believe all of these are out of copyright, incidentally, so, you know, use them for album art.

I’ve written a fairly long essay about Young, which is here.

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