I’ve been thinking a bit about poetry comics because of Bill Randall’s musings. Bill seems to be looking for comics that have a poetic feel for language and manage to use images in a way that respect or add to that feel, rather than ignoring it or detracting from it. (I may be doing violence to his argument, but that’s what I’ve taken away at the moment.) From that definition, I’d think that things like Krazy Kat and Peanuts would qualify, and maybe some of Alan Moore’s efforts. Certainly a lot of shoujo would, I think. And definitely the genius that is Edie Fake.

Anyway, in a former life, before I was a failed comics critic, I was a failed poet, so I figured as long as I was thinking about it I’d give the poetry comic thing a go. Below is my effort. To read it right you need to flip the page over halfway through, which obviously doesn’t quite work on the screen…but, I don’t know, you could always print it out or stand on your head if it seems worth it, I suppose….