I’ve got a short review of a show at the Hyde Park Arts Center online here at the Chicago Reader.
I’m going to be DJing (yes, Djing!) at Deadtech art gallery for my pal Bert Stabler’s Vulva O’Keefe vs. Angry Goldsworthy show. It’s this Thursday 6/5, and I believe will run from 7-9; click on the link for the location if you’re in Chicago. The gallery show is antagonistic-gender-themed, and so is my playlist, which will include everything from black metal weirdo Xasthur to Judy Garland. So come on by if you can.

Here’s the official press release, hot off the email.

Hey All

didn’t get a chance to see VULVA O’KEEFFE versus ANGRY GOLDSWORTHY, the show Bert Stabler organized at Deadtech?

Come over this Thursday night (June 5) or next Thursday (June 12). See the show, take free stuff from my piece, revel in refreshments and …


this Thurs June 5: NOAH BERLATSKY, helmsman of the Gay Utopia, critic for the Comics Journal & Chicago Reader and secret WHPK guy, is playing music for us. A two-hour set of stuff from Slayer to Judy Garland.

next Thurs June 12: Ha Ha Hell — it’s those guys KILL COMEDY, straight from alienating audiences at every venue in the fair city of Chicago. Also making the scene — NEIGHBORS, featuring the “single gals” of Lil’ Manitoba (yep — me and Meg want to tell you about it).

Doors open, I mean, I’m getting there at 6:30 each night. Performative stuff starts around 7.

There’s work from Kimberley Baker, Davey Ball, Tyler Britt, Matt Davis, Chris Hammes, Taylor Hokanson, Maximillian Lawrence, George Monteleone, Flo McGarrell, Huong Ngo, Andrew Roche, Josh Rosenstock, Chris Santiago, Justin Schaefer, Edra Soto, and Matthew Steinke in this show. You can see a little more about it at Deadtech’s site.

So to recap —

Thursdays (June 5 and June 12)
6:30 – 9:30 pm
at Deadtech, 3321 W Fullerton

Internet-based informations:


And finally: we did have a zine reading of the Gay Utopia at Quimby’s, which was remarkably well attended (they ran out of chairs!) Paul Nudd read an ode to Robert Mithcum’s scrotum; Dewayne Slightweight read a bit of an interview with Donna Haraway (the part of Donna Haraway was taken by a paper bag/hand-puppet); David Erik Nelson, an emissary of the Giant Squid, discussed said invertebrate’s time in the Gay Utopia; Bert Stabler read from his essay “The Glory and the Hole,” Alexander Stewart showed G-rated and off-color cartoons from the 1920s, and I read the giant-wasp-on-human sex scene from Tabico’s “Adaptation.” Other gay utopians in attendance were kinukitty, Lilli CarrĂ©, and, in a surprise appearance, Paul Mack, who drove all the way from Arizona! (Not just for the reading, he assured me.) Pizza was consumed, a lovely embroidered banner created by Dewayne was admired, and we maybe even sold a zine or two.

And speaking of zines, I still have many, many, many of them. You can buy them at Quimby’s, or, you know, email me (noahberlatsky at hotmail) and we’ll work something out.