I have a profile up of artist Wafaa Bilal Here’s the first paragraph.

A year and a half ago, Wafaa Bilal made himself one of Chicago’s best-known artists when he shut himself in a room at Flatfile Galleries in front of a paintball gun. The gun could be controlled remotely, over the Internet, and Web surfers and gallery visitors alike could aim and fire it, blasting Bilal with yellow paint. By the end of the project, titled Domestic Tension, more than 60,000 people had shot at him from more than 130 countries, and he had been featured in media outlets from NPR to Newsweek.

Also…for those who missed it, the Comics Comics roundtable discussion of David Heatley’s comics is here.

If you didn’t click through Bill’s link to Akino KONDOH you should; she’s pretty great.

Update: All right, and one political link too. I really like Ta-Naheshi Coates. Yes, he likes contemporary poetry…but, well, nobody’s perfect.