Here’s his latest. Nice body on Palin! But it’s Joe Sixpack there that I’m going to write about. I’ve figured out the Oliphant method: grab somebody or something involved in your topic, make that somebody or something look as vile as possible, and do so with as little originality as you can get away with. So here we have workers being represented by a ’71-style hippie rendering of the hated blue-collar enemy, and I have to ask: what have workers done in the whole Palin fiasco to deserve getting sliced up this way? Did polls find that working-class voters favored her over Biden in the debate? If so, given the number of working-class people in this country, you’d think some poll somewhere would have shown her winning the debate. So far, not a one. 

The offensiveness of the cartoon is secondary to the real problem, which is that the thing just doesn’t match the situation it’s trying to describe. You have to wave away a key part of the cartoon and do Oliphant’s work for him — Ok, not Joe Sixpack, instead John McCain and some Fox commentators and they’re the ones cheering the Great Dope. Oliphant has a junior high idea of satire, which is to draw stink lines coming off the principal’s feet. He figures if he draws a booger under somebody’s nose, anybody in frame, it doesn’t matter, then his work is done.
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