Here’s my new favorite opening line to a Hollywood biography. Actually it’s the opening line of the book’s foreword, which was written by Harve Bennett. He produced Rich Man, Poor Man and a bunch of Star Trek movies. In this line he’s talking about the man who played Dr. McCoy:

I am not especially religious, but I do believe in the Hand of God. And never was His Handiwork more evident than on the day DeForest Kelley got his star on Hollywood Boulevard.

But the reason behind Bennett’s claim is kind of a letdown. It’s not that he thinks God especially wants the Walk of Fame people to honor decent middleweight character actors. Instead the line above is a setup for a “you had to be there” after-dinner anecdote: by chance the spot for Kelley’s star was near a very tall escalator and at the top of the elevator there hung a neon sign and the sign read “The Galaxy.” True story!