The Factual Opinion and The Hooded Utilitarian join comics blogs to bring you The Cowardly and the Castrated — hot critic-on-critic action like you’ve never seen it before! The venomous Tucker Stone and the spleen-dripping Noah Berlatsky join forces to feast on the defenseless and foetid carcass of Showcase Presents: The Brave and the Bold Batman Team-Ups 2. Bob Haney, Denny O’Neill, Neal Adams, Jim Aparo — all shall be marinated in our sour and profligate bile!

It all starts this Tuesday, November 18, as Tucker reviews The Brave and the Bold #88, #89 and #90 at The Factual Opinion. Then on the 19th, Noah reviews #91-#93 at The Hooded Utilitarian. They’ll keep going back and forth, pausing only for gentile and Semitic Sabbaths, until they reach the end — or die trying!

Pulse-pounding team-up action or pointless exploitative cross-over event? The Cowardly and the Castrated blogging extravaganza is both — and more!

Update: Tucker’s first post is here

Update 2: My first post is here.