A couple things turned up while researching a couple quick articles on Finnish cartoonists, nice to be reminded of if nothing else:

Some images by Stefano Ricci

Comicstills, rather than Rube Goldberg’s moon-running, offers images from a few dozen Euro alt-artists. It’s an illustration agency– that is, an chance to sample fine drawings by some top artists hard to find for 0 Euros. Stefano Ricci, Marko Turunen, Anke Feuchtenberger.

And Electrocomix, with a few dozen free PDF files by some fine cartoonists. Many of their offerings sample from anthologies like Canicola, featuring great new talents like Amanda Vähämäki and Michaelangelo Setola. From Glömp #9 there’s Olivier Schrauwen’s metal-barbarian rout “The Trap,” and three good stories by Hong Kong’s Chihoi. And Ulli Lust, so exuberant for the onset of spring, not safe for church, but please donate a Euro-fifty on your way out the döör.

A page by Chihoi