So I’m past overdue for an introductory post (and overdue for an actual-content post, but I’ll worry about that later). My name is Miriam Libicki (the beetle part is an old nickname that follows me around Blogger). I write and draw autobiographical comics based on my experiences as the worst secretary in the Israeli army, as well as other short nonfiction pieces that you may or may not call comics, if you’re some sort of a definition-hugger. Here is a link to my most popular, I think, definitely my most controversial piece, marking the first time I got called an anti-Semite on the internet.*

I come out of a hippie-feminist background, an Orthodox-Jewish background, and a wannabe-intellectual-art-school background all at once, so that might give you a bit of an idea of things I’ll posting about. I have never written for the Comics Journal. I’m a self-publisher who works the con circuit (I exhibited at at least a dozen comicons this year, and my schedule for next year is already filling up), so I may do some self-promotion, but I’ll try to keep it tasteful. I also may badmouth the comics of some people I’ll have to apologize to later at a show, and that could be entertaining for everyone.

What I read mostly these days are North American alternative/”literary” type comics. I have ingrained prejudices against manga, but I asked for Nanas vol. 1 and 2 for Winter Holiday**. We will see if I like them, or if I get quickly divested of my utilitarianhood. And finally, I will introduce myself, following Tom, by explaining how reading superhero comics as a child screwed me up for life.

I think the worst lesson I learned from growing up on Marvel comics is not that women are sex objects, but that women can dress in lingerie and not be sexualized by those around them. No one talks down to them, talks to their chests, tries to grope them, or makes winking insinuations (or if they did, in the eighties, it went over my head). Ororo could be a tough, smart team leader in a leather onesie with cut-outs.

This made me want to dress up everywhere in lingerie or bondage gear*** (cause it’s pretty!), and be treated the same as a man. I was cruelly acquainted with reality at age fourteen or so, but aesthetic preferences are a hard thing to shake.

Which leads inevitably to getting in fights with my mother over clothes every week during high school, despite being an introvert who never dated, to nobody believing I was religious when I lived in Israel, to being my own conflicted booth babe at comicons across the nation (see below for my favourite pictorial depiction of same).

* for the record, I did not write the little introductory blurb at the link, just the actual pages.
** I’m Jewish, my in-laws are Christmas-loving Buddhists. It’s a bit complicated, but working out ok so far.
*** yes, our favourite comics were Chris Claremont-penned X-men and New Mutants.