So over the next few weeks the Hooded crew (that’s me, Tom, Miriam, and Bill) is going to do some group theme blogging to kick off the new year. This next week (starting tomorrow) we’re going to blog on the Virtue of Ignorance 2008 — each of us is going to talk about our favorite comics thing we discovered in 2008 that we hadn’t known about previously.

I think the week after that we’re going to write about Manga (I believe that the working title, offered by Mr. Crippen, is “Manga: What the Hell?”) After that we may talk about comics we wish existed …and then we’ll stop or keep going, depending on how the spirit moves us.

So in that vein: are there any topics that folks out there would like to see us have at? Let us know in comments and if something sparks our fancy we’ll pick it up.