Dan Urazandi, a retailer, suggests that comics need to cut costs:

Lower production values. I remember when Baxter paper, cardstock covers and the like were brought in to justify higher cover prices. Let’s cut them now to help keep prices down.

Okay. Here’s another suggestion; stop printing in color. The computer coloring that’s industry standard sucks anyway. Manga has shown pretty clearly that Americans (or at least some Americans) will buy black and white comics.

I don’t know. Why not try a couple black and white titles at lower prices and see how they do? You could even print some big title issues (Batman, Wolverine, whatever) in both b&w and color, with the b&w a good bit cheaper, and see if there’s a market for it.

Maybe the savings on b&w aren’t big enough to justify such a step. Maybe super-hero fans just need that color. But, given the desperate situation the industry faces, it seems like it would be worth thinking about, at least.