I haven’t paid a ton of attention to Kanye West; I’ve heard a couple of productions and been like, eh. So I finally thought, well, maybe I should try to figure out what I think of this more thoroughly.

So I listened to Stronger on YouTube. Jesus Christ what a turkey. The beat is totally whack, it’s got a kind of whiny electro-nineties thing, the lyrics are incredibly stupid (what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger — thanks Kanye. I’ll write that down). And his voice is whiny, his flow is — he sounds like a slightly more ept Kid Rock, really; it’s dumb and thudding.

Love Lockdown at least sounds a little weirder I guess. I’m supposed to be grooving on the minimalism, is what all the critics tell me. But I hate that fucking whiny Akon male R&B shit. And the fact that it’s minimal can’t really change the essential lameness of the lyrics. There is a good beat on the chorus; why not run that through the whole song? It could totally be Beck if the singing weren’t so crappy.

It is totally a white aesthetic. It’s like Devo or something, if Devo really sucked. It’s punk even. No wonder they love him on Sound Opinions; it sounds like it was done in a shed by a completely useless poseur with a trust fund and that sense of entitlement that says, “Hey! I’m a guy with skills! I should get accolades even when I’m not trying, just for being so special!”

Yeah, it really pisses me off. What a pile of crap.

All right, I’m done. No more music blogging for a while, I promise.