a really nice guy, apparently. I had a big online trollfest with Waid a while back, and as a result I’ve noticed his name more thoroughly when it pops up online. And as a result I’ve been forced to notice that he seems to be one of the more friendly people in the industry, especially as regards new creators. He wrote a forward for a book of advice for young creators edited by a long lost friend of mine (Brian Saner-Lamkin), for one thing. And in the Brian K. Vaughn interview in TCj, Vaughn spends a paragraph or so talking about how great Waid was to him when he was starting in the industry (can’t find the exact quote right now, but it’s in there somewhere.)

So there you go. Put this together with the Kim Deitch incident and one starts to wonder if one will ever regain the moral high ground…. Maybe I should go after John Byrne?