UPDATE:  In Comments, Uland caught a suspicious resemblance between the photo that used to be here and Prof. Kevin MacDonald of California State University. In fact, the photo was indeed of Prof. MacDonald; I picture-googled Jamie Kelso and didn’t read the text that came along with the picture.  
I’ve changed the link and now the picture is Jamie Kelso’s official Stormfront thumbnail.
This guy here, on the right.

I know about him because I’m writing a novel set in 1960s LA. My research included What Really Happened to the Class of ’65, a best-seller in the ’70s, forgotten now. The book is nonfiction and follows a dozen or so kids during the first 10 years after they graduated a fancy high school in LA. A lot happened to them, ’60s and ‘7os stuff, transcendental meditation and drug smuggling and massage certification and God knows what else.

Michael Medved, one of the grads, cowrote the book with David Wallechinsky, another of the grads. The book did fine by them both, and Medved has stuck around to become a wingnut scold who makes a fuss about sexy, unpatriotic movies coming out of Hollywood. Kind of a pain, really. But you know who really dislikes Michael Medved? That guy up in the first paragraph.

His name is Jamie Kelso and he thinks Michael Medved is a dirty Jew out to manipulate the white race. Kelso is another of the ’65 grads profiled in What Happened. Even then he was a dreadful pill, a twitch hung up on the idea of his superior intelligence. By book’s end he had become an Ayn Rand-ite. Now he is a senior moderator of the American White Nationalist website Stormfront.” Fee-uck. 

Here he rants about Medved by podcast. In What Happened he sounded like a fool but not stupid; he could turn a phrase. Now he just comes across as a whiny dope. In a way I’m happy to see life knock the shit out of his pretensions: all that talk about his intellect, all that testing and rejecting of mental systems, and he’s fallen for the dumbest of the dumb, retailed in the most flatfooted and unoriginal fashion. On the other hand, it’s depressing to follow a life, any life, and see it turn out this way.

In other What Happened news, Gary Wasserman is now vice president for merchandising at Bobbie Jones, a maker of quality men’s golf wear.