Tim O’Neil has an entertaining discussion of Kingdom Come, explaining why having villains kill people is bad for heroes (and for the people killed too, presumably). Plus O’Neil explains what the hell is up with Carnage. I was wondering.

Michael May looks to be blogging his way through every appearance of Wonder Woman in Sensation Comics starting here and continuing here. I’m still thinking about blogging through the Wonder Woman run, maybe starting this week? We’ll see….

q99 talks about why she hates misogyny in Wonder Woman comics.

I found the WW links above through When Fangirls Attack which is under new management, and so back to having regular posting.

And because there is a world out there outside of comics, no really:

Ross Douthat argues for fewer prisons and more police as a way for conservatives to reach out to black voters. I’m all for fewer prisons, but I’d suggest fewer police as well. But I guess that just means I’m Oberlin-educated….

My wife’s new favorite fashion snark blog. And yes, I think it’s pretty entertaining as well.