Hey look! They’re having an argument…and they’re in a dark alley…and they get mugged! That’s a surprise. It’s almost as if they’ve left Marston’s original script behind, and all of a sudden they can’t think of anything but cliches. Almost.

Wonder Woman beats the crap out of the muggers and Steve simpers “That was kind of hot.” And fetishizing tough women is certainly a thing in contemporary movies. Having it underlined over and over by a frat boy, though, doesn’t really add to the glamor. Why isn’t she kicking the shit out of him, too, when he says stuff like that? I guess the filmmakers just can’t quite believe that masochism is sexier than sexual harrassment….

Fight with Demos is nicely choreographed, though….

“The symbol of tartarus…the greek underworld.” If you actually believed in the religion, you’d just say, “the underworld”.

This “Steve Trevor fighting as an equal stuff…” screw that.

And now he gets to save her from the giant lame bat thing? Did Marston ever let him save her?

50:40 Wow, that’s a grim vision of the underworld; you die and become enslaved to a massively fat decadent Roman despot (I guess he’s supposed to be Greek, actually.)

52:00 Good lord; Steve’s impassioned defense of men makes me want to barf. Sneering at the Amazons for cutting themselves off from man’s world; “Right, because what we need is less communicaton between men and women!” Um, except there are plenty of women on earth, you know, and you tend to interact with them by harassing them systematically , from what we’ve seen.

I bet he hates Bryn Mawr too….

“I’m not going to abandon a friend in need, man or woman.”

And she says, “By the way, you’re starting to sound like a woman.” And it’s a sneer, I think…I’m not sure how else to read it, she’s needling him for revealing his feelings.

Maybe she thought the scene was badly written too, though, to be fair.

54:34 Oh, Christ. Now he’s holding the magic lasso and revealing that he’s a womanizer and a pig because he’s afraid to be hurt. Break out the violins….

Could we please just fuck that shit once and for all? Demeaning women because you feel insecure isn’t cute or sexy or deep. It’s stupid and boring and makes you less, less, less, less appealing, not more. “Oh, deep down, he’s sensitive…it only takes the right woman to bring it out….” Yeah, well…don’t go back to him, Rihanna!

“nobody messes with lincoln!” says Steve. INteresting sentiment for a guy with a southern accent.

I’m just saying is all.

[Update: Really shoudn’t have just said. Not my finest moment. Justly chastised for it here)

Artemis’ giant sword is pretty fun…though, again, it’s hard to argue that she doens’t have some kind of penis envy….

Diana gets saved by her Mom? That’s kind of a let down….

57:42 And the President of the United States is an evil whacko. That seems believable, anyway….

And Wonder woman taunts Ares with not being able to defeat a girl. It’s hard for me to believe an Amazon would ever say that.

Zombie amazons, huh? And the librarian comes back from the dead all butch and tough. It looks like she was really fun to animate; her sort of lurching sword style fighting is maybe my favorite bit of action from the movie; very nicely done.

1:04: “The Amazons are warriors…but we are women too.” So she chose Ares the god of war because she wanted babies and a home? That seems fairly confused. Certainly I see the children bit…but, I mean….Amazons. Surely there are other romantic outlets?

1:07: The threat has been neutralized by “a bunch of armored super-models.”

and then we get her kissing steve. As my ancestores would say, “oy.”

Right at the end we get Steve behaving feminine-like; telling Diana to call if she’s going to be late because he doens’t want dinner to get cold. But it’s definitely played for laughs and seen as unmanning I think…

All right, I’ll have a final post with some last thoughts.


Update: Update: First thread,second thread, conclusion.

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