Now that it’s warming up, going out makes sense. On the town last Friday with some friends, the one that’s a priest introduced me to the U2charist. Statement from the church of origin:

I … floated the idea of a service in which all the music, from hymns to “service music” (like the Gloria or Kyrie) would be by U2, and a number of parishioners in different generations were really excited. So we built a team to design the liturgy and choose the music, and to ask questions like, How do we get the sound loud enough? and How do we play the music? a DJ? A CD? Powerpoint? We chose powerpoint since we figured we’d want the lyrics visible and for people to be hands-free for dancing and clapping if possible.

What the hell? I have a soft spot for Christian death metal but this is beyond the pale. I’m still not convinced it’s real.