If you want some more Jonathan Krohn, he’s right here. My special little guy has got his own New York Times profile; the fucking Style section, but still.

The kid’s from the Atlanta suburbs, his mom’s a Jew but went Baptist a while back, neither his mom or dad is much for firebreathing on political subjects. JK has been home schooled since sixth grade, which isn’t such a long time, and he would appear to be smart as hell. He’s studying Arabic because “it’s important to talk with our allies in their language.” He’s been in a lot of Christian youth theater productions.

One disappointment: his book, Define Conservative, is a vanity publication. Still, he hustled up a lot of media contacts to promote the thing.

A caveat: the article describes JK’s delivery at CPAC as “electrifying.” Bullshit. It was polished, which is impressive in a kid. But it was suited to a 50-year-old man in a sweater vest. The effect was more quaint than anything.
Bonus for continuity freaks: the photo that runs with the article shows a book by the regrettable Michael Medved right next to JK’s computer screen. 
Moment that will be quoted more than any other:

He still has the zeal of a missionary. His voice rising to a wobbly squeak, he grabs any opening to press the cause. “Barack Obama is the most left-wing president in my lifetime,” he said.

Mr. Krohn buried his face in his hands. “Oh, Jonathan,” he sighed

A point that this and the photo raise: How consistently does JK remember that he is in fact 14 and not 50?