Wrote about the little guy here. Now for an interview he gave right after his CPAC talk. The kid is just a trip. “A principled conservatism.” Gets a bit faltery when he has to explain the principles  (something about “for, uh, the people”). A couple of other vague moments, but otherwise seems as poised as a little gadget designed to to give off social noises in front of a microphone for 3 minutes.

All right, the interview, done with Ana Marie Cox and her cellphone, I guess. 
“‘Fun’? I play golf. I do play golf.” And the banjo, now and then. Says his birthday was Sunday, so now he’s 14.
UPDATE:  In his CPAC talk, the standout line was that conservatism is the egg, party is only the shell. But take away the shell, and an egg is mainly goo.