From Lesbian Images by Jane Rule, published 1975. The book says that Jill Johnston, a loudmouth flibbertigibbet with the Village Voice, refuses to quit being a loudmouth flibbertigibbet:

Instead she seems to collects insults and labels to wear them around her neck like all the other decorations she wears over her comically aggressive costume and then stick that neck out once again, not only to contradict other people’s visions of reality, but her own vision of six months or two years ago.

Yeah, stick that neck out and … Oh well. The sentence is a spasm of klunk, a rare combination of two flaws normally found apart: clod-hopping heaviness and disoriented dizziness.
Wikipedia says Jane Rule, author of Lesbian Images, was inducted into the Order of Canada two years ago. Incredibly, I saw a movie based on one of her novels, saw it way back in 1986. Today I find out that the movie, called Desert Hearts, was based on a book by a woman who became a Canadian knight (or dame) and wrote at least one sentence that sounds a lot like somebody on cough syrup trying to turn an epigram after falling a long way down the stairs.
Bonus facts: Jane Rule was born in New Jersey, and her novel, published in 1964, is entitled Desert of the Heart.

And here’ s the Jill Johnston Wikipedia entry.