Noah has caught it. So has John Cornyn, junior senator from Texas. Cornyn is circulating a petition that says shame on Obama’s White House for plotting to put Rush in the spotlight. It’s “an outrage,” it “reeks of hypocrisy,” White House staff should not be involved in politics (what?).

I saw one of Cornyn’s ads and he looked like a sweetheart, like a big, sleepy John Connally after a painless gelding; the commercial‘s centerpiece was the big man trotting along on horseback with a cowboy hat atop his silver hair. I’m ready to bet he’s a doll, but I have yet to hear anyone say he’s intelligent.  In fact the wind-up to his petition suffers from a lethally targeted case of foot in mouth:

His staff should apologize to the American people for supporting these tactics and diverting attention to the hard work that needs to be done to get America’s economy back on track.

Please, diverting attention from the hard work. Not to. Otherwise your petition has no point.