Jesus, he didn’t even get knocked unconsious.

Hey, it’s the bathing beauties splashing each other scene! Isn’t Steve lucky to have stumbled on that!

That is so fucking annoying. This is the absolute first intimation of lesbianism in the film, as far as I can see — have there even been girls hugging? I don’ t think so…and the butch/femme dynamic at the beginning, with Persephone and the librarian, was played completely asexual; Persephone *could* have tried to protect librarian in a romantic-savior kind of way, but instead she sneered at her as weak; no sexual tension allowed….

until the guy shows up, and we can package our lesbianism for his consumption!

Also, in the original Marston story, Steve gets knocked out, and Diana gets to gaze at *him* while he’s unaware/incapacitated. That story is about female desire; you’re identifying with Diana and what she wants. Not here, though.

Good lord, how many kicks to the groin do there need to be in one movie?

Also, Steve shouldn’t last for half a second in a fight with Diana, much less get in a solid blow.

23:05The amazons are horrified that Steve says “crap”. Again with the anal stuff….

Here’s the contest where they figure out who goes to the outside world. No fighting on top of kangaroo horses, though. When did kangaroo horses stop being cool?

25:54 Jesus, they killed the librarian; for a movie that talks about how much men suck, we are not being very kind to the feminine characters.

Yep the explanation of why she is going to wear red white and blue is almost completely nonsensical.

Good lord; the tit shot of her putting on the bustier. Why? (I mean, I guess I know why, but….)

Took almost half the movie to get her into the red and blue….and almost the first thing that happens after she puts it on is that Steve wolf-whistles at her. That’s pretty irritating….

I know folks have complained that the invisible plane comes out of nowhere. I kind of like that, though. Very silver age.

The bit where she teaches the girl to “disembowel her playmates” is also cute, as Steve points out. (The girls friends won’t let her play pirate because she’s a girl….) The girl-power is a bit preachy…but it is Wonder Woman, after all….

Good lord, Etta Candy as femme sexpot flirt is an absolutely hideous decision. I can see why you wouldn’t want the original Etta (fat, butch, talking only about how much she wants to eat); but making her into a kind of seventies feminist feminine nightmare?

I think it’s pretty much official; the movie does not like femininity. To the extent that Wonder Woman is cool, it’s because she’s traditionally masculine (strong, cold-blooded.) Even her reason for leaving the island is pushed masculine — it’s because she’s bored and cooped up, not, as in the original, because she’s got a thing for Steve.

Steve tries to get her drunk…he’s such a prick

All right.. new post.


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