Tucker jumps on the bandwagon

All in all though, if you go with the right people–like the people who can dissociate their desire to masturbate on Malin Ackerman from their desire to watch actors that can actually act in a way that isn’t fundamentally retarded, you can have a pretty good time.

This is fundamentally unfair. Yes, okay, she can’t act. And she did nothing with the role. But let me ask you this…what was she supposed to do? What did the writers and director ask of her? Did they not systematically rob the character of every nuance of characterization? They stopped her cursing; they took away her impatience; they smoothed over her conflict with her mother; they anglicized her last name; they even took away her cigarettes. And why? Because, clearly, they didn’t want silly distractions like personality or a brain to draw attention away from the main thing (or things.)

Ackerman stood there. She wore latex. She looked good. That’s all Zack Snyder wanted from that role. Because he’s a misogynist fanboy shithead.

I guess it’s the old Steppin Fetchit dilemma. Is the actor to blame for playing the part he or she was hired to play? Of course, Ackerman probably couldn’t play any other part. I guess I don’t really want to defend her all that much. Maybe we can just agree to sneer at her and Zack Snyder? Together? In a cuddly friendship circle of hate?

Update: I have a longer post on Laurie from the comic here.