Zhinxy is threatening to review the entire Knighfall saga. Don’t know if she’ll manage it…but I hope so because, because….

Everybody will run in different directions when I snap this rod. Whoever finds and captures the flag first will get first crack with the pieces of said rod at the giant, looming paper-rose cowl pinata pictured above my head, while the others sing a song of their choosing.

Should the flag-finder NOT break the pinata and scatter the goodies inside – Which include the keys to the Batmobile, passwords to the Bat-Computer, and no Smarties, on my honor – We go in order of How Many Times You’ve Been In The Cave. Should NONE break the pinata, the next goer will be determined in a round-Robin paper-rock-scissors battle…

It’s even funnier with the picture. So click over there why don’t you?