I’ve been listening to Hasil Adkins, a crazed, low-fi rockabilly performer; sort of sounds like Elvis crossed with a rusty robot bullfrog and dropped down a deep well. At the same time, I’ve been listening to the Swans — crazed, low-fi, goth performers, sort of sounds like teams of robots sloooowly bashing their brains out against infernal machinery at the bottom of a deep well.

As the description suggests, the two acts are coming from similar places. Goth in general is pretty obsessed with rockabilly, and I find it hard to believe that the Swans weren’t active fans of primitive rockabilly like Adkins and Link Wray. By the same token, I think it’s pretty clear that trudging seminal doom outfits like the Melvins are indebted to the Swans. Which means that Khanate’s 35-minute sludge opuses with some maniac shrieking “Trying….is not…enough!” have a pretty direct link to 2 minute Elvis tracks about blue moons and milkcows.

All of which is to say, screw Faith Hill and Travis Tritt; I want to hear a doom metal Elvis tribute album. I know Harvey Milk would do a bang-up cover of Mystery Train, damn it.