Noah linked to Dirk’s post here. Dirk’s post links to one of mine, a post in which I wrote this about YKK:

The atmosphere bits work fine for me, though the smaller they are, the better. For instance, drinking canned coffee in the early morning worked better than Alpha discovering the different meanings behind tears.

Those mellowed-out roads and so on, the landscape’s details, take the principle the furthest. The moment is so small that nothing is happening, all you do is look at something being what it is. Those moments are the best thing in the series.
When Dirk suggests that I didn’t go for YKK because I don’t care for quiet moments and have never sat watching a landscape, I think he doesn’t take the above passage¬†into account. The passage is pretty clear regarding what I like about the series, and elsewhere in the post I’m clear about what I don’t like, which is not the strip’s quiet but its banal streak, “especially in some of the isolated splash pages where Alpha is posing.”
Dirk’s underlying point seems to be that I don’t like YKK as much as I should, which could be true.¬†