So I have finally put my obsession with Wonder Woman and my obsession with women-in-prison films together. You can see the results over at Comixology. Here’s a quote:

Indeed, male creators (and a few female ones) have been exploiting feminism for a good long while, now. Rape-revenge fantasies like the much lambasted I Spit on Your Grave (1978) or Ms. 45 (1981) get their horror, their energy, and their catharsis from a feminist view of patriarchy. In “I Spit on Your Grave,” for example, four men egg each other on in a brutally extended gang rape of Jennifer (Camille Keaton). She then seduces and murders them one by one, repeatedly playing on their inability to believe that she (a) didn’t want to be raped and (b) could possibly harm them in any way.

As you see, I get to talk about rape-revenge films too.

If you want more, more, more discussion of women in prison, you can go here. More discussion of Wonder Woman here and here.

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