Eagle-eyed blog watchers may have noticed that we have added a fifth hood to our utilitarians (or perhaps a fifth utilitarian to our hood? Yes, that probably sounds better.) What was I saying?

Right. We are very pleased to welcome the delightful and talented Kinukitty to our roster. Kinukitty will be writing a column entitled “Gluey Tart: Adventures in Manporn” focusing on yaoi, shonen-ai, and related pretty boy topics. The column will be (at least in theory) weekly, and should appear every Thursday (which is tomorrow.)

For those of you who must, must, must find out more about Kinukitty instantly, you can go to her livejournal wherein is archived her own personal manporn slash effusions. You can also hop over to the Gay Utopia and read her essay about why young girls need more manporn plus another piece of slashy goodness on the same site.

Kinukitty will have more to say on her own behalf tomorrow. Give her a nice welcome then, won’t you?

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