This one makes sense, which is a letdown, of course. No pointing and giggling.

Obama has got a ton of things to deal with, what with the breakdown of the financial system and the foundering of America’s automakers. The financial firms and car companies are huge institutions, they have their hands out, and they have shone a good deal of selfishness, so thinking of them as pigs comes naturally enough. Now there is a new, large, very different, and unexpected problem called swine flu — another pig, and it’s busting down the door as Obama says, “What now?” So, yeah, all of that tracks.
We get the message only because the two little nattering figures at the edge of the cartoon bother to fill us in. But that’s a technical blemish, not an example of craziness. The point of the cartoon, though not crazy, isn’t all that interesting — another problem for the president? damn! — but what the hell. That’s still a really good giant pig Oliphant draws for us.
Sorry, Matthew, if you’re reading this. Maybe next time.
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