Specter jumped parties after all; Newt and some fellow ne’er-dowells put the matter in perspective here.

I made an impulsive prediction that Specter would go Democrat here, then foolishly backtracked in the face of news reports, as seen here.

The Hill tells us:

Reid also pledged to campaign for him, one of several concessions he made to woo Specter.

Getting Harry Reid to campaign for you is a good thing? I mean, I like the guy, but I’m one of the few.

From the same article:

He [Specter] would continue to oppose card-check legislation, a high priority of organized labor, unless it was rewritten, he added. 

So we get one used senator who votes the wrong way. Ah well. Still, the turnabout reminds us once again of the O’Reilly principle: nowadays being an anarchist is better for public image than being a Republican. Which is all right by me: anarchists haven’t done all that much harm.