Last month was our busiest ever here at the Hooded Utilitarian, I think. In case you missed it, some of the highlights were:

More Wonder Woman blogging, including the conclusion (for now, at least) of my Only One Can Wear the Venus Girdle series and (somewhat overlapping) liveblogging of the Wonder Woman animated film.

A roundtable on Hitoshi Ashanano’s tranquil sci-fi pastoral YKK, featuring special guest instigation by Dirk Deppey.

A roundtable on Female Characters, featuring discussions of Jaime Hernandez vs. Terry Moore, Stan Lee’s romance comics and Mary Jane, Perfect Girlfriends in manga and Shungiku Uchida’s “Minami’s Sweetheart”, Laurie Juspeczyk from Watchmen, Kathy Kane, and maybe others I’ve forgotten.

A fair bit of discussion about the Watchmen movie and comic.

Various political nuggets, mostly by Tom, some about Rush Limbaugh.

Lots of other stuff too if you want to scroll on back.