My tv viewing and other anecdotal evidence led me to think that Star Wars was the favored brand for Gen X onward. After all, the last Trek tv show was kind of a fizzle, the last Trek movie wouldn’t even put the Enterprise in its poster. But yesterday I heard a boy and girl, both about 20, discussing the new Trek movie, and today I’ve seen a few posts about it popping up on blogs by people a lot younger than I am.

I suppose young people could prefer Star Wars but still take an interest in Star Trek. Anything is possible.
UPDATE:  Looks like the new one’s getting good reviews. Yeah, Trek!
UPDATE 2:  Ward Sutton has watched a lot of Star Trek.
UPDATE 3:  Obama wants to see the movie. ( I hope Politico misquotes his reference to “lithium crystals.”) Nimoy talks about Obama and other topics.
UPDATE 4:  I just took a look and confirmed it: the new movie’s name is simply Star Trek, as if it were named after the franchise. That seems kind of postmodern to me.