Liberals say there’s no justification for repressing sexual behavior.

One suspects one is not familiar with the terms of the debate here. Ordinary words are taking on meanings unique to the context of the argument. I suppose. 

Anyway, Linda Hirshman has grave doubts about Jezebel, one of the Gawker web sites.  From what she says, it’s about feminism as practiced by young women who drink a lot and wear dresses of a flimsy nature. Hirshman says she’s heard all about being called judgmental: “Judgmental! Judgmental!” Hilzoy says Hirshman belongs to that class of people “whose heart is two sizes too small, who have no more empathy than your average tin can.” Warning: At issue is what one of the Jezebel writers should have done after a sexual assault. Hirshman left out the reasons the writer gave for not telling police.