… if there’s one thing comic-book fans hate, it’s comic-book creators. Superhero fans, especially, see their favorite characters as independent entities who exist apart from human interference; the artists and writers are just jerks who try to get between Spider-Man and his fans and mess stuff up.

Shaenon K. Garrity speaks a fundamental truth while dissing the various message boards. Her post is from last Friday, so maybe you know about it.

Her passage about Comicon doesn’t mention Larson, who has his faults but is still one of the funnier people you’ll find commenting. [update, no it’s Lawson, “w” and not “r,” but she still doesn’t mention him.]

On TCJ’s board: “No one ever posts about the content of the magazine itself, proving that not even the most hardcore fans of The Comics Journal read The Comics Journal.” No! People complained about my Gerber obit and about the short story where I described meeting a douchebag at a convention even though the douchebag didn’t exist.

On fans, once again: “Of course, all comics fans think the comics they read when they were twelve are the greatest comics ever made.” No! I much prefer the comics that I read in my late 20s and early 30s.

On John Byrne: “Byrne once posted that using the term ‘word bubbles’ when you mean ‘word balloons’ is equivalent to a racial or ethnic slur. Ever since, I’ve been calling them ‘word wops’ in his honor.” Fuck, that’s funny. I’d laugh even harder if I were Italian and could get away with it.