I just saw a couple of episodes of Bruce Timm’s Justice League cartoon series. The series had been recommended, and you generally hear good things about Timm and his shows. But, on the other hand, I’ve never actually enjoyed any episodes I watched of these series. The same with this weekend’s Justice League episodes (“Paradise Lost” 1 & 2, about Felix Faust bossing around Wonder Woman because he’s turned her mother to stone). Nice animation work, as far as I can judge, pleasing colors, well-done sound, okay cast of voices. But the writing is dumb. I mean, in its way I’m sure it’s as professional as everything else about the shows, but that way is very limited. The characters don’t do or say interesting things, they just hop around until the plot’s requirements have been fulfilled, and the plots don’t seem that remarkable. My impression is that the stories are pretty much the sort of thing modern-day DC stories are, but telescoped and without any smutty stuff. 

I don’t know if others agree about the writing and accept it as part of the deal — maybe the look of the shows can make all else worthwhile, if you’re so inclined — or if the writing strikes others as being better than it strikes me.
Personally, I wonder if there’s much any writer can do with 22 minutes to tell a story to kids, not unless he/she is being funny and/or dealing with some very particular moment, as opposed to writing about a bunch of people milling about and pursuing various complicated and very serious aims. When that’s the subject, a writer’s doing his job if she/he just lines up the story elements and keeps them clear for the audience. But I sure don’t find the results interesting.