I never cared much about Farrah Fawcett. Nothing against her, but nothing for her. She was just around.

The two starlets who made an impression on me were Jenny Agutter and Cristina Raines. Neither of them got anywhere. But Raines starred in a miniseries called Loose Change (it was about the 60s) and had the female lead in The Duellists, a Ridley Scott costume picture about two officers in Napoleon’s army. She didn’t have much to do, just played the sensible girlfriend to a hero who was already sensible. But it was a great-looking film, and she looked great in it.

Google didn’t turn up a photo of her from the film, so I settled for this. Soulful cheekbones, though the tip of her nose looks messed with. In the film she was wearing a lace bonnet and dew trembled on a tree branch, or something like that.