I don’t believe a word of all of this. Berlusconi is a happy married man and loves his family, he would never do such a think. This is a conspiracy of the Comunists Party who wants to bring the governament down. GO HOME YOU COMUNISTS

Boobee, Lachine,

That’s a comment left on the Times of London web site under an article about Silvio Berlusconi’s alleged adventures as a consumer of paid sex. Boobee is amazingly determined in calling Berlusconi “happily married,” given that Berlusconi’s wife has told the press how pissed off she is that he’s spending time with an 18-year-old model. In fact Berlusconi was at the girl’s 18th birthday party, where he gave her an expensive piece of jewelry to honor their already extant friendship. But if you saw Colbert last week, you already know that part.

The latest stage of the scandal centers on women who were paid to attend Berlusconi’s parties and who allegedly did the sort of things you would expect. From the Guardian:

Nicolò Ghedini, Berlusconi’s chief legal adviser, defended his client over the D’Addario affair by describing his client as a mere “end user” of the women, who was not therefore at risk in the Bari investigation. For good measure, he added that “Berlusconi could have them [women] in large numbers for free”.

As an American, I didn’t know Italy could have a sex scandal.