talk like a poncing grad school cult stud liberal elitist?

Deppey’s rhetoric of evanescent childhood wonder and the necessity to put aside the search for it, to “move on,” might possess some substance if he or like-minded elitists could demonstrate that comics-fans were in some way unique in this regard, as against other patrons of modern entertainment-media.

Here, let me rewrite that for you in English rather than elitese, shall I?

Dirk Deppey insulted my friends by calling them little whining babymen. But everybody is a babyman, so it doesn’t matter. Our society and all its entertainment are great, so comics must be great too! And I can’t be a stupid snuffler of nostalgic babycrap, because…I use big words! And I don’t like elitists anyway, so there!

I may have more about this later…but it really frosts me when people pretend that cultural studies is somehow a movement for the people. Putting yourself above the fray on some lofty academic perch and presuming to speak for the people: that’s the very definition of elitist, my friend. Because you know what? Most everyday, regular people who haven’t undergone academic lobotomies — they think the stuff they like is good, and that the stuff other people like isn’t. And the only people who think that the people can do no wrong are ivory tower intellectuals cavorting about in proleface.

Update: I was so irritated I forgot the link; it’s been added now.

Update 2: Just trying to read through the whole series of posts…and, yeah, I have to agree with most commenters here that the game isn’t really worth the candle. He’s sufficiently confused that further argument seems pointless.

Update 3: Phillips responds here.