You’ll find four of the strips below. Clifford was Feiffer’s first strip, and he did it for Will Eisner’s studio; the series ran on the back page of the Spirit section. Wikipedia says Feiffer was born in 1929, and I vaguely recall Clifford as running from 1949 to 1950, so Feiffer was the age of a college student when he did the strip. Fantagraphics collected the whole run as the first volume of its Collected Feiffer.

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If you want to see these a bit larger, click on them and then click in the new screen where it says “Full Size.” It’s good enough to read them by. 
Jan. 22, 1950         
Clifford 4

Feb. 5, 1950

Clifford 2

Feb. 19, 1950
Clifford 1

March 5, 1950

Clifford 3

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