update, Huck is deadly on the Great Bird:

Huckabee, looking at his own time as a governor, asked that “If that had been the case for me, I would have quit about the first month? Been there, done that.? One of the things you have to do is decide, ‘Look, they’re not going to chase me out.'” 

If she’s smart, she won’t be looking to win office ever again. She might do well in a few Republican presidential primaries; so did Pat Buchanan. But that’s the limit. Even if she moves to Montana and runs for a House seat … well, maybe.  

My latest guess: the David Letterman flap went to Palin’s head and now she wants to do media flaps full time.  The guy behind the new career direction is John Ziegler; he’s got her ear. She’s going to be picking fights over news coverage and leading boycotts because of “anti-faith” and “pro-gay” programming content. Seems like a good way to raise money. Maybe she’ll have a show on Fox or CBN, as part of her operation. She’ll be like a televangelist but working the political side. Instead of interceding with God for the viewer, she’ll be interfering in society on God’s behalf, and mainly that will take the form of 1) loudly disrespecting big-name media personalities and institutions (Dan Rather, Letterman, the NYT, whoever else), and 2) staging video ambushes and embarrassing office sit-ins so as to target executives of the companies with ads on the wrong programs. (On second thought, maybe you don’t pull ambushes/sit-ins on people with access to corporate lawyers. Well, whatever Michael Moore used to do.) Her show’s basic fodder will be outrage over cable programming, especially snotty comedy shows; some of these will then make a point of baiting her to get exposure on her show, and the two sides will develop a degree of mutual reliance.

Along with the show she’s running boycott campaigns and letter campaigns, for which she will raise money thru personal appearances at civic theaters and skating rinks across the country. All in all what promises to be a lucrative organization, since the small-town right feels like politics has proven to be a bust.
Of course it will all turn to shit before any of the above gets too far, reason being that Palin is crazy and so is Ziegler.