Republicans have wildly different ambitions for the ex-Gov. Fox News did a poll and found that 27% of GOP respondents doggedly insist that Palin really ought to be vice president now that she’s had enough of her governorship. But the next most popular choice, at 18%, was “homemaker.”

A commenter at the Washington Post site, where I found this, points out that it’s a bit odd for a poll to list “homemaker” as a career option for ex-governors. I don’t know if the survey gave respondents a list of choices or just ranked what the respondents threw back at them. Probably the first, though.
My choice was “college professor,” which didn’t do too well: 7% among Republicans, 12% among Democrats. I guess the Democrats come out so far ahead because Republicans figure nobody should be a college professor. Either that or Democrats just have more of a sense of humor.
update, How about president? A Wall Street Journal/NBC poll finds 21% of the country says yes, meaning they want her to be president someday. The “no, never” response is 67%.