update, edited for brevity

Matthew Yglesias says Knocked Up and Judd Apatow’s new one, Funny People, offer “a bracingly conservative vision of family life and obligation.”

I can’t remember anything specifically conservative about Knocked Up except the decision not to have an abortion. All the other stuff — such as holding down a job — is pretty well disseminated thru the rest of the population.
I think it’s very, very dumb to decide not to have an abortion on the grounds that life is a marvelous, multifarious thing and you must roll on its waves toward your unknown destiny. From what I’ve seen, having a kid can bring a whole lot of anger and frustration into your life if you’re not ready to give yourself to your kid’s needs. And if you’re afloat on the idea that producing another life is a good way to goose up yours, then probably you’re not in a giving frame of mind. 

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