update, erik b. sums up what probably lies ahead: not a lot of Mickey Mouse/superhero crossovers, “More likely you’ll see a Marvel section of your local Disney store (if any of you actually go in them)” 

update 2,   Some possibilities from Atlantic’s Daniel Indiviglio:
Expect to see a Spider-Man character walking around Walt Disney World … new theme park rides and rollercoasters based on Marvel characters 

… some Pixar-assisted animated movies based on Marvel characters. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a Marvel story made into a 3-D movie before too long. On the call Disney mentioned that the Pixar staff was excited about the acquisition.

Stan: “I love both companies.” Article estimates Ike Perlmutter’s take at $1.5 billion, eleven years after he bought the place; nothing on what Stan does or doesn’t get.

From the article, it sounds like Marvel is already pretty licensed up:

For example, Sony Corp.’s Columbia Pictures is developing the next three “Spider-Man” sequels, starting with “Spider-Man 4” set for a May 2011 release. News Corp.’s 20th Century Fox has the long-term movie rights to the “X-Men,” “Fantastic Four,” “Silver Surfer” and “Daredevil” franchises.

Both studios maintain those rights in perpetuity unless they fail to make more movies.

Separately, Viacom Inc.’s Paramount Pictures has a five-picture distribution deal for Marvel-made movies, the first of which will be “Iron Man 2,” set for release next May. Paramount said it expects to continue working with Marvel and Disney.

General Electric Co.’s Universal Studios has an attraction called Marvel Super Hero Island in Orlando, Fla., that will stay in existence as long as Universal wants to keep it there and follows the contract terms, Universal said.

But Disney says it had to deal with Pixar and its licenses, the implication presumably being that things turned out okay.

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