“Galileo VII.” 

…  There is a 1964 movie called Great Gettin’ Up Mornin’. … The black ensign guest-starred on Roddenberry’s first series, The Lieutenant. Nichelle Nichols also did a Lieutenant guest spot, and something tells me it was the same episode. The two definitely co-starred in Great Gettin’. Later he was a reg on Land of the Giants. … Celia Lovsky and Mark Lenard, who both played Vulcan elders on Star Trek, also appeared in The Greatest Story Ever Told. … The woman who played the yeoman in “Galileo VII” now “sells recreational vehicle lots in Palms Spring, California.” … One of the episode’s extras, a 35-ish blueshirt, died in a motorcycle accident two years later. His real name was Earl Grant Titsworth, but for credits he used “Grant Woods” and “Grant Lockwood.”

“Court Martial.”

… The base commander is the “first black actor to play a flag officer on Star Trek,” per Mem Channel. Afro-Portuguese, born in Montreal, the St.-Henri district. The actor, Percy Rodriguez, was a Peyton Place reg for the show’s last season: “A Doctor’s Role for Negro Actor,” the LA Times said in a headline. He narrated the trailer for Jaws, and when he was 89 he came out of retirement to narrate the trailer for a documentary about Jaws-the-phenomenon, The Shark Is Still Workin’. (Wiki says he was interviewed for the film and the interview was his last appearance.) … 

… Cogley the lawyer was Elisha Cook Jr., of course — Wilmer from The Maltese Falcon. To tell the truth, I didn’t think his Cogley was that good; he really did not sell the “Books, Captain! Books!” speech. But he does have a nice moment as the charges are being read out and he frowns down at his elbow in an impatient, manly way. (Here‘s Mem Alpha.)

From Wiki:  “He lived in Bishop, California, typically summering on Lake Sabrina in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.” Wiki quotes John Huston: “[Cook] lived alone up in the High Sierra, tied flies and caught golden trout between films. When he was wanted in Hollywood, they sent word up to his mountain cabin by courier. He would come down, do a picture, and then withdraw again to his retreat.” …

Joan Marshall played the prosecutor/Kirk old flame. She did a lot of TV work from 1958 to the late ’60s, then married Hal Ashby. Her last film was Shampoo (1975), which Ashby directed, but her part doesn’t make the Wiki cast list. (Mem Channel here.)

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