Mark Kleiman on Lanny Davis, “who will never sell out because he’s always for rent.”

update, This year is a good example of shitty-August syndrome, by which I mean August usually makes for a shitty news month and this August has been especially bad. In the old days newspapers called this the silly season; now major-league public issues get dragged into the bullshit, things like whether we should invade another country or how we should reform health care. The point is to make a big noise about something dumb, preferably dumb and scary — like shark attacks, Saddam Hussein or government euthanasia — but dumb and truculent can also work, as with last year’s “Drill, baby, drill.”

Of course, last year events swung pretty well for Obama after August had passed, so we’ll see how he does this fall on health care. But so far, not good. 

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