So this is something of an experiment. I’ve had a radio show called “Music For Middle-Brow Snobs” on WHPK (the U of C radio station) for some time. I thought it might be cool/exciting/very mildly entertaining to put my playlists on the blog so folks here could download them. This has, however, proved to be more technically difficult than I was expecting. But I think I have it figured out, maybe. Anyway, the first one I’m trying is a Doomy set:

1. Pentagram — When The Screams Come
2. Candlemass — Black Stone Wielder
3. Vintersorg — Jökeln
4. Thor’s Hammer — The(ir) Modern Freedom
5. Ekklesiast — The City
6. Esoteric — Caucus of Mind
7. Jesu — Heartache
8. Gallhammer — Tomurai: May our Father Die

In theory, if you hit the little DOOM download link here, you should go to Mediafire, and be able to download a zip file which, when opened, will give you all the songs on the playlist. If all is well, it should go into your itunes as a single album (that is, if you organize it by album, it should be in the right order.)

So, if anybody cares to download this (Tucker? Eric? Uland? Anybody?) and tell me if it worked, I’d appreciate it. Or if anybody has tips on how to do this better, let me know….