Well, the test run seemed to work, so I’m going to start doing these downloads every week. This time round we start with some gospel field recordings, move into psych dronishness, and end with pop.

Dock Reed — Low Down Death Right Easy
Andy Mosely, Hogman Maxey — I Know I Got Religion
Mary Pinckney — Been In The Storm So Long
Della Daniels And Ester Mae Smith — Move Upstairs
Muddy Waters — She’s Alright
Silvester Anfang — The Devil Always Shits in the Same Graves, Pt. 1
Drudkh — Where Horizons End
Damon and Naomi — Translucent Carriages
Beasties Boys — Something’s Got to Give
Anjulie — I Want the World to Know
Mary Wells and Marvin Gaye — What’s the Matter With You Baby

Download: The Devil Always Shits In the Same Graves