Here’s the playlist for this week.

1. Country Gentlemen — Where No Cabins Fall (Calling My Children Home)
2. Aborted — Odious Emanation (Slaughtered & Apparatus: A Methodical Overture)
3. Vader — Testimony (The Ultimate Incantation)
4. Enslaved — Heimdallr (The Forest Is My Throne)
5. Satyricon — The Forest Is My Throne (The Forest Is My Throne)
6. Drudkh — The Distant Cry of Cranes (Microcosmos)
7. Six Organs of Admittance — Invitation to the SR for Supper (Six Organs of Admittance)
8. Sian Alice Group — White (Troubled, Shaken, Etc.)
9. St. Vincent — Just the Same But Brand New (Actor)
10. Mandy Moore — Everblue (Amanda Leigh)
11. Ciara — I Don’t Remember (Fantasy Ride)
12. Ruby Vass — The Old Gospel Ship (Southern Journey vol. 4, Brethren, We Meet Again)

Download: The Old Gospel Ship.

Album titles are in parentheses so you can purchase the whole thing if you like a song and feel so inclined. Also, if you enjoy the set (or loathe it), do let me know in comments. Middle-brow snobs thrive on positive reinforcement.