Allahpundit confuses me because he’s a common-sense political extremist. Here he deflates a trying-too-hard right-wing frother:

The story burns hot with outrageously outrageous outrage, but I can’t lie. I’m not feeling it.

How do you froth without trying too hard? The Allahpundit post shows how, since he goes into full (but graceful) dudgeon about Obama’s errant views on the meaning of 9-11.

Bonus: The author of the outrageously outraged news story is a former acquaintance of mine; see here. [bonus update, Benen gives the outrageously outraged author what he’s looking for.] 
update, Just leave it at home, please. Trust me on this.
update 2,  An unwelcome category: animatronic public figures with faulty views on health care.