I’m reading Wiki entries on people who have been in old Star Trek episodes.

In “A Piece of the Action,” there’s a guy named Kalo who carries a tommy gun and is ordered around by the big mob boss (who is played by Anthony Caruso). The guy playing Kalo, his name is Lee Delano, studied dance with Martha Graham!

In “A Private Little War,” there’s a witch-temptress played by a woman who later married Zubin Mehta, conductor of the LA Philharmonic. The woman, Nancy Kovack, became a real-life Jackie Collins sort of character, a tv actress who has made it and is now wife of a celebrity jet setter. Kovack is an “ardent and strict” Christian Scientist, known among “Hollywood’s elder generation” for her views. Susan McDougal, a name from the Whitewater affair, worked as Kovack’s personal assistant for a while, and the two of them wound up going at it in court.

The same episode has a big lug in, I think, a white wig, and his name is Tyree. The guy, Michael Witney, who played him married Twiggy in 1977 and dropped dead of a heart attack in 1983.

A burning-eyed 35-ish guy plays the main villain in “Patterns of Force,” the Nazi episode. That was Skip Homeier, and “in 1943 and 1944 he played the role of Emil in the Broadway play Tomorrow the World. Cast as a child indoctrinated into Nazism who is brought to the United States from Germany following the death of his parents.” I never heard of that play. It sounds terrible but so in tune with its era you’d think it would have hit big enough for something of it to stick around in the public memory.

 There’s a John Wayne movie called The High and the Mighty, and a Joan Crawford film called The Damned Don’t Cry. Apparently someone in the Crawford film describes her character as “tough as a seventy-five cent steak.”

Barbara Bouchet played an alien called Kelinda in “By Any Other Name.” In 1970 she moved to Italy and began starring in erotic comedies and erotic thrillers.  “In 1985, she established a production company and started to produce a successful series of keep fit books and videos. In addition, she opened a fitness studio in Rome. … She lives with her family in Rome, where she is a set member of the city’s celebrity social life.

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